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Kyla Hortaleza
February 26, 1993

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hates liars
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hates LIAZRDS, etc. :-&

wants a PONTIAC <3
wants my own room
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wants a Nintendo DS
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wants a notebook {which i have. HAHAHAHA *evil laugh* -yanna}
wants everything ;)

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
7:26 AM

I might uhm, abandon -- fine, not abandon -- uhm, not update that much anymore here. :)) More on HERE. ;) Haha. I got bored and there're a bazillion cuuute and simple lays in xanga so, i'm back. :)) :D

Tah tah, dears. ;))

Much love,


Sunday, April 02, 2006
8:02 PM

I posted the same post in my Lj && Xanga. :p
Post comments/tag more than once. It'd be better. :p
Thanks! :))

Things that happened today:
~National Cheerleading Competition (the first ever). In Araneta.
In the highschool division, Poveda won first place! :)
And in the college division, UP won first place! :)
Hahahaha. It was fuuun. :))
~Went to Gateway for a super short while. =))
~Went to Poveda for awhile also. :))
~Went to Galle. I watched Venom. It's creepy. :-s As in, it's freaky. Although some parts are unrealistic, it was still scary. Very brutal and it's really suspense-ful. :p :))
~Got a Chocolate Sundae! =)) \:D/
~Went homeeeee.

Congratulations Poveda Harcourt Varsity && Lifters! :p Hahaha. :D
P.O.V.E.D.A. Dance. Win. Fight! :)

I'm tired. I just ate dinner. :))
Oh yeah! I finally bought Hershey's Kissables! Haha. It's GOOD.
It's like MnM's but it has a kisses shape and it has Hershey's chocolate! Yum! =P~

I'll post again tomorrowww!!! :D
Bye, dears! :p

NOTE: TAG!!! :p Please && thank you! :))


Monday, March 27, 2006
5:07 AM


I woke up at like, 4. AM. :)) Then i rested my eyes a little bit. Then i woke up, it was 5:10am. =)) Whoops. =)) I got ready and left my house minutes before 6am. When i got to Jollibee, Anika wasn't even there yet. =)) Anyhoo, i waited and finally Anika was in her car na, then Bern arrived, so we went in too. :)) Then we waited for Chel. :p We went to her house after and ate. Then we traveleddd. For like, 1-2 hours. Then we got to her farm. :) SHE HAD DEER! =)) Wala lang. I was so naaaliw. =)) We jumped into the pool. It was cold. :p Then we slid. (as in the past tense of slide :p) =)) It was so fun. And Bern :> Andro kept following you. =)) =)) Hahaha. Then we ate lunch. Then swam a bit more. Anika became a pool-itress. =)) She kept cleaning the pool. =)) Hayy nako. =)) Then we left at like 4pm. Then we arrived at her house at around 6pm, then they dropped me off at my house. :p 'Coz i had to dress up and rush to Eastwood. :)) My family minus my two younger brothers :D, watched Glory Road. The movie was so nice. :) It's so inspiring! :)) And they were so good at playing basketball. :)) ;D Hahaha. :p I just fell (literally) asleep.


I woke up at like 12 in the afternoon. Feeling horrible. I slept for 12 hours. Euw. :)) Then i got ready. We heard mass in SM. Then we went to Rockwell. :)) We watched this bike dude do stunts and stuff. It was so awesome. :)) My dad bikes eh. :p Anywayyy, we went to SpeedZone after. :) It was so fun. :p I got faster! :)) Than before. :)) Then we ended up eating at The Fort. We ate at RedKimono. It was gooood. :) I like it there! :p Damn, it was sooo good. =)) I want Sushi now! =)) Salmon. :x :x :x =p~ =)) Anyway, we went home. :)) I was so tired after that. :p


I woke up at like 9am. Then i accidentally fell asleep and woke up at like 11am. :)) And Powerdance starts at like 12. So i was dead. :)) I arrived at like 12:30. But my teacher's nice. So it was fine. :p It was Teacher Gelo (sp?). :p Anyway, that was 12-1. Then i ate a bit. 'Coz my next class was 2-3, which was jazz. It was Teacher Peter. :p He was sorta nice also. :) We did 100 crunches. :o Tiring. Ugh. :)) Then me and Chel took hiphop a at 5:30-6:30. But we're NEVER TAKING IT AGAIN THIS SUMMER! =)) =)) =)) She brought me home na. So yeah, there. :p Then here i am right now, tired. :))

This was a fun weekend and day for me. :p I'm gonna post again tomorrow. :p
My Vball training in Milo starts April something na. Ugh. :))
And my Powerdance's MWF. :p Hahaha. Sharing. :p

Anyway, toodles. :)
*please tag. :)


Friday, March 17, 2006
11:14 PM

Yesterday was so much fun. :)
I love you, Marina! :*

I went to Marina's house at like 2:30pm or something. And mbarassing, she said 11 Mabolo so i was standing in front of that house. Then her dad came and said, "Kyla? It's here." Then i was all like, "Huh? Okay." Yun pala it was 15 Mabolo. =)) Marina talaga. =)) Anyway, i went in. And i found out Marina wasn't there yet. =)) But Lauren was there. *whew* Then Addie came. Then Marina finally came. :)) She rebonded her hair. Lol. Then after we picked up Chelsea. We were all wearing skirts. Lol. Anyway, we went to Eastwood. We played in Powerstation. Took pics. We karaoke-d. :)) We sang this *song*. Lmao. It was so awkward. =)) Me and Chel didn't know the song. Lmao. Then we just kept laughing. After, we went up and bought Starbucks and tickets and stuff. Then i saw Marina & Chel was asking sina Tim what movie they wanted to watch. It was sorta loud and they said it from afar, so this american dad said to his son, "The girls are asking what movie you want to watch." =)) =)) =)) I saw they were laughing like hell. =)) His son wasn't that bad. =)) Kidding. =)) Then after we bought popcorn and stuff. It was freezing in the cinema. :))
I <3 She's The man.
It's like, the best movie ever. =)) Suuuper funny. And Duke (Channing Tatum) was so hott. <333 =)) After we power station-ed again. Then we went to Mcdo. I got a chocolate sundae<3 :)) Then once we got to her house, Addie had to leave. :( Then we karaoke-d. :) Then i had to leave. :))
Mar, thanks so much. :p I had loadsa fuuun. :) Love you. :*

Ima post more later. :p
Toodles! :))



Sunday, March 12, 2006
8:03 AM

I'm making another post dedicated to Candy. :) Yet more than a month (i think├╝) has passed, i don't care. I'll make a post anyway. :p HAHA. :)

I miss my dear, dear, dear candy party. :)

What felt like months were actually just days. I got to know complete strangers. Some, i've never even seen in my life. :D The first time we had a meeting, i felt awkward being around people i knew absolutely nothing about. People from different levels. But they all seemed nice. :) And unique. :p They all welcomed me with a smile. :) Then we had more meetings. I got to know each and every one of you better and better. :) Our meeting at Janna's was suuuper fun. :) We danced and laughed our butts off to the music and jokes. :) I got to know each and every one of you better and better. :) Also at Ning's when we danced even more and took suuuper daming pics. :) And joked Pummy's friends. :)) :D It was all so, so, so much fun. :) But the following meetings were even more fun. :) I enjoyed every second of it. :p There would be times when we would just procrastinate and do nothing. :)) And i don't know why, but i still miss you all, A LOT. :) Just thinking about all the fun we had makes me wanna cry! :)) You see, candy's different. :p Hahahaha. ;) It's something i will keep forever. :) Although not all of us won, including me :p, i'm totally fine with that. :) 'Coz not only did i learn a lot of values from this experience, i gained a whole lot of friends, too. :) 14, in fact. :p

I love you, Kim, Kat, Kai, Inez, Ning, Alla, Meggie, Margaux, Janna, Mich, Ria, Alex, Pammy, and Mika! :)
You guys ROCK MY SOCKS! ;D =))

You guys changed my life, no doubt about it. :)
We share a never ending bond. :) I will remember you all, forever. :)

Candy's a different kind of love. <333

I just felt like making one. :) I really miss seeing all of you everyday. :)

Happy, happy, happy 13th birthday, Kolz! :)

I had so much fun. :) At first it was a little awkward. :p Haha. I had a lot of fun talaga. :) We danced the night away! Well, not really. Only 'til 10. =)) That night was great. :)
Love you, Kolz! :*

Today we heard mass at Rockwell. :) Then ate at Banana Leaf<3 It's good pala. :))
I'm tired. :) I shouldn't sleep late. After all, it's summer. ;) <3


Thursday, March 02, 2006
5:25 AM

IM me if you wanna know the url. ;) Haha. :p

Uhhh, exams next week! The major subjects!! :))
Tomorrow's CL, Music and Computer. :D

I'm natatamad to post. :p And i still have to study. :)



Tuesday, February 28, 2006
8:51 PM

I stole this survey from Luisa.. :D Thanks btw. :)
Survey's are fuuun. <33 tho ="))">Regarding my other post, STATE OF EMERGENCY. Ugh. :))

They moved our exams to 6, 7, 8 instead of 8, 9, 10. :D But we're still having school on the 9th and 10th. I.W. days. :) Yaaay. :) Ayyy, i don't feel the pressure of 3rd trim. yet. =)) Weird. =)) Next week na. Ugh. I'm natatamad to study but i have to. =) I'm almost done with my shoebox, sorta. :)) Once i saw Tish's room, my jaw dropped. :)) Hers was so nice. :)
Oh yeah, no more training!! :) 'Til the summer.. :) Haha.

I'm excited for ~summer. :] Haha. :

Oh well, i hafta start making reviewers. Time to cram again. =)) I'll end this here. :) I'll blog tomorrow. :) Byeeeeee. <3